1991 Match




 Blue Team

Front Row:  Assistant Coach Don Bechard, Gwen Mullens, Jill Morris, Tracy Bernhardt, Shonda Juno, Head Coach Christi Posey, Assistant Coach Jane Squires

Back Row:  Karena Galle, Carey Burton, Jenny Ediger, Sarah Bell, Carolyn O'Keefe, Megan Corby, Tricia Lewis, Amy Cook

Red Team

Front Row:  Assistant Coach Merle Parker, Assistant Coach Susan Averill, Melissa Henry, Erin McElwain, Melanie Old, Rochelle Funk, Head Coach Tom Tucker

Middle Row:  Joy Elliott, Jennifer Blosser, Megan Majerus, Kara Murray

Back Row:  Lori Depew, Amy Trantham, Shana Slough, Megan Hammersmith


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